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This Journal has been specifically created to serve as a vision board to plan ahead into the future, envision where you want to be in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and make daily plans to ensure that you are getting to your end goal.

At IHWGlobal, we believe that your life encompasses 4 Main Areas and we challenge you to do 4 main things in those areas that will align you with your goals in life.


This aspect deals with personal development and self-care.

Ensuring that we define who we want to be identified as, and make sure that our visions for ourselves align with the overall vision for our lives.


This is all about your work, academic and entrepreneurial life.

We want to ensure that you clearly define your goals for these 3 areas of your life and are constantly looking for avenues to improve and build upon existing skills.

“Launch your passion project or business”

Who’s up for a challenge?


Build your wealth now, so you do not have to work your whole life.

Only a small % of the population has been able to attain financial freedom & we’re making sure that by the end of this 6-month period, you’re well on your way to being one of them.


My mom says to me during a busy week with little to no rest, “It’s only a person that lives that can work or spend his/her money”.

So, this aspect is arguably more important than some of the others.

Health IS Wealth. And your Mental Health is Just as important as your Physical Health.

“This Journal is not just for you to download and forget about it.

We’re not in January, we’re in the heat of the year and you should be making room for all aspects of your life.

Personally, I have a friend to thank for helping me understand that I needed to make plans for all aspects of my life, or some will surely lack.

I started my 6-Month Journal a bit over a year ago, so I am just in time to join in on this one as well and I’m also proof that this works well!”

Ifeni  Giwa


While this journal serves as a vision board, it might be worth it to get a daily planner to make plans daily towards this vision.

We Love This Planner Here!


We sincerely hope you love this journal as much as we do and keep us appraised of your vision board.

Remember, “WRITE the vision & make it PLAIN”