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IHWGlobal Cash Injection Opportunity is one that aims to sponsor budding entrepreneurs and support women that want to do and succeed in their unique entrepreneurial journeys.

We are only able to do this through the help of amazing sponsors that want to see to the success of female entrepreneurs and want to give these entrepreneurs the opportunity to put their businesses out there on better financial footing.

Our 2018 IHWGlobal Cash Injection was sponsored by Temiloluwa Seth, Founder and CEO of Probot Nigeria – a creative agency for ideation, marketing and management of creatives.

Temi gave a grand sum of N100,000 to IHWGlobal which was used to fund two female entrepreneurs in Nigeria with the sum of N50,000 each.


The winners of our 2018 Cash Injection were -

Eclean services is a cleaning service that will offer residential cleaning services, office cleaning services, commercial cleaning services and industrial cleaning services.   Her mission is to provide customers with cleaning services in an environmentally sound, completely trustworthy and a professional manner AND to help her low-income neighbourhood residents get employment and teach them to grow individually and together as a team  

Quester Edet is one of our winners of the IHWGlobal 2018 N50,000 cash injection and we look forward to seeing her and her business grow.


Fagbemi Art is a Sole Proprietorship owned by Titilola Fagbemi, the second winner of the IHWGlobal 2018 N50,000 cash injection. Fagbemi Arts deals with manufacturing products and offering services in the art scene. The print-on-demand merchandise model will be used to sell products to customers.  Her mission is to constantly create unique and diverse art products that offer quality to suit the customers needs.

We look forward to seeing her and her business grow.

“It has been a really good first quarter of the year. When I received the message that I won the IHWGlobal Cash Injection with my one page business plan, I was in doubt because it was such a small business idea and I was not expecting anyone to be interested, but I submitted my entry anyway and realizing that I made it became a whole new assurance that I should really never give up on it.

When I received the funds I immediately started branding - I registered with CAC to get my name official and branding process officially got started. I created fliers and made sure it was adequately circulated. I found myself giving quotes for little jobs and then realized I needed more hands, so I got more cleaning materials, overalls, gloves, nose mask and more environmentally friendly equipment for the cleaning.

It definitely started out with so much excitement. Things have started slowing down now, but I am working on coming back stronger and better, more publicity and promotions, adequate training for more staff, sending proposals to offices and more.

Thank you IHWGlobal, it has been wonderful these few months and I have you to thank for this growth.”

Quester Edet

“At the beginning of the year when I got the N50,000 funding for Fagbemi Art, I was surprised and ecstatic. It was a great way to start the new year and establish myself on how to turn my idea into a reality. The process was seamless and instrumental to starting my small business.

In the first quarter of the year 2019, I have focused mainly on business development and business strategy. I have been able to create a detailed Business Plan and start the process of registering Fagbemi Art as an existing business, create sample merchandise for Fagbemi Art and successfully make some sales to exclusive clients.

I am looking towards launching new lines and products to the public throughout the year.

Thank you IHWGlobal.”

Titilola Fagbemi

Disclaimer: IHWGlobal is under no obligation to carry out the cash injection program yearly. Cash Injection will only be carried out if there are resources available to the company to do so. 

Criteria to be awarded this cash prize is subject to change yearly and the decision will be made at the discretion of the team at IHWGlobal.